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How does one live through EngSci

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So, just this past week, I began my first year in University of Toronto in the Engineering Science program and I'm already sorta going crazy. I knew it was gonna hard, but I still think it took me by surprise (though I'm determined not to quit). It has only been a week and we haven't even gotten much work, but I'm already feeling tired. It's the schedule that's getting me. Usually, we're not done until 6 p.m. and it takes me an hour to get home. Then, I have to do work until late night and I'm pretty much at worst during that time. Even when there's no work, I'm feeling nervous and jittery and keep thinking about university, unable to relax and have some recreational time even for a moment. I got a couple of questions for any EngSci graduates that might be lurking around.

1) Does it ever get better? Do you ever get used to the massive amount of work? If I survive to third year, will there be less total work because you start to specialize.

2) How do you get personal time? I refuse to believe that all Engineering students have no life and do only work, but its becoming more and more of a reality for me. They keep talking about all the awesome extracurricular activities they got there, but I don't think I can ever join them simply because I don't have enough time. Also, is it possible to be successful and still get a proper amount of sleep. Honestly, sleeping is the only time when I don't think about university and is therefore my most precious resource. Just the thought of pulling an all-nighter terrifies me to no end.

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What do you mean, "live?" Darn it, didn't admissions tell you that EngSci was a specially rigorous program meant for robots only, even cyborgs have to jump through hoops to get in?

Just try to stick with it man, you'll make some very powerful friends if they ever become self-aware.
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No, it doesn't get any better. In fact, first year isn't even that bad. If you can survive the Physics problem sets (I think Physics is the weeder course in first semester) you should be okay. At least most of the material you face in first year isn't totally new, there is just a LOT of work. It is in the later years that the material is new AND there is still a lot of work.
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You live through it by not committing suicide.
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