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How does the Rotman program work?

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I heard it starts second year, but when i spoke to a representative there, he said it starts first year. First year i'd take introduction to management and calculus, and liberals? What exactly is that? and how many liberals do i have to take? Could i get like a sample year outline or something for first year :$ Thanks!
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This is from their site:
RSM 100Y, ECO100Y, and MAT133Y (or its equivalent) are required courses to fulfill the terms of Guaranteed Admission, and there are minimum grades that need to be achieved in each (see section on Guaranteed Admission).
Students have to take at least a 1.0 full credit course in addition to the required courses (students need 4.0 full credits to enter a program). However, most students take 5.0 full credits during each year.

First year really isn't the full on Rotman program. Keep in mind there's students that enter second year. In first year commerce, you take those three courses and achieve at least a minimum mark (and take other electives) to have guaranteed admission to Rotman commerce, which starts in second year.
Liberals probably refers to electives.
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