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How effective is a commerce degree than BA degree

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Well commerce degree for human resource and economics BA degree

which one is better, which one is more higher in demand
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The top business programs do a great job of turning students into successful business professionals- whether it's case studies and other teaching methods in class or competitions and professional development sessions outside of class. They also have great reputations and are recruited by the top employers. These programs are also quite competitive, which drives students to work harder and try to reach the top. That's why most people will tell you business is better than a BA in Econ. There are some good economics programs, but often they're segregated from the business faculties/schools at many schools and they simply don't offer the type of stuff mentioned above. Which one is the right choice will depend on the individual's needs.

If you're planning to do HR, I don't see the use of an economics degree. Depending on the school you may be able to take HR courses and some other business courses as electives, but I really don't see the point. A full business program will give you more options, and if you go to a good school you can get involved and comfortable speaking in front of people and dealing with professionals and people of all varieties.

My 2 cents.
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