yconic - How hard is civil engineering........ out of like 10?
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How hard is civil engineering........ out of like 10?

A photo of MonkeyDluffyfan MonkeyDluffyfan
So... Lets begin... shall we?

My name is solomon I live in canada Im like a laid back kid that got like 65% in math due to like playing world of warcraft and messing around.. but now it bit me in the arse.. I wanna join the airforce and be a engineer and getting a degree in civil would be amazing for all those jobs..

so tell me.. if i practice my arse off and practice and study hard would math come easy or no? or am i ultimately doomed forever since i fell back and didn't study during my highschool years
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A photo of broodp4 broodp4
1. It's also the most boring.
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