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How hard is it to get into Queen's Arts? :S

A photo of dreamydaydream dreamydaydream
I'm really stressing because almost all of my friends have already got into Queen's, but I sent in my PSE after February 15 (sent it on Feb 29) so now I'm worried...

But yeah how hard is it to get into Queen's Arts? I'm really nervous because it's my first choice and I'll be devastated if I don't get in.
My grade 11 average was 94.5% but this year it's dropped to 89.75% for first semester of grade 12...

For my PSE the ECs I had were tutoring, being a library helper, being apart of two music groups and on yearbook.

When does Queen's usually send out acceptances/rejections (besides the ones that have already gone out)? :/

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :)

EDIT: Thanks so much everyone, I received my offer of admission yesterday!! Sooo happy ah!
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A photo of ListenToYourHeart ListenToYourHeart
i dont think you need to stress because my average was lower than yours (around 85 for my first semester grade 12 marks) and i got accepted to queens arts. good luck but I'm sure you'll get accepted!
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I sent in my PSE on Feb. 28th, got my acceptance today to science and engineering and my average is a 90.5%... not much higher than yours :) Just wait it out, it shouldn't be too long!
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I was admitted to Queen's Arts recently with an admissions average of 89.33%. I submitted my PSE during the winter break. They have a lot of submissions to read through so you might need to wait a bit if you submitted yours in late.
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