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How hard is it to switch out first second year of uni?

A photo of Absolut Absolut
Hey I was just wondering how hard do you think it would be to switch from first and second year to a better school or program? Also anyone had any first hand experience with this or know anyone that did ? Thanks !
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
That depends.
Where are you thinking of switching too and what program are you switching into?
I heard from a UBC rep that if you switch after your first year, they will look at your first year GPA as well as your high school transcript.
But the difficulty really depends on the school and program.
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A photo of Absolut Absolut
Switching out of ryerson,york,brock,laurentian,nipissing to something better such as laurier.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Two important things to check when switching between any 2 universities:

1. Are the courses that you took in your first university sufficiently equivalent to the courses in the same year of the same program at your 2nd university? In other words, are you able to get enough transfer credits?
2. GPA - a lot of universities need a minimum (which varies), and you obviously need to pass everything. Usually a high average is favored for transfers.

This assumes you're not changing your field of study btw. If you are switching majors altogether, i.e. from Science to economics, you'll more than likely have to fall back a year, if not you may have to take summer school.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
Depends where and which program, and where you're coming from. Like my program I know does not accept any transfers (even from another nursing program) unless you're going to start at first year
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