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How hard is U of T bio and chem

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I'm in first year at U of T now and I'm thinking of switching majors which means that I need to take bio120, bio130, chm138, chm139. I asked and I am allowed to take them even though I have never taken grade 12 bio or chem. How hard are those courses if I havent taken grade 12 bio or chem (I have taken grade 11 bio and chem though and did pretty well....). Should I take those courses? or will I die and fail...Help! Oh and by the way I plan on taking the 2 bio courses in the summer and the 2 chem courses in year 2....is it possible to get a decent mark if i take in summer? and how hard is chem too? Thanks
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Not hard. Very easy in fact. You should take a real science course like Chem151 or Phy151/152.
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