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How important are grade 11 marks for U of T and McMaster

A photo of GreatExpectations GreatExpectations
I am applying to multiple universities but I'd really like to know whether or not 2 of my grade 11 marks would ruin my chances of getting accepted. My final average was a high 80 in grade 11; I did not do so well on physics and ended up with a high 70 while my math mark was in the 80s. I know what i need to get in grade 12 in order to get accepted. (a final 90+ average) But would they reject me after seeing those 2 marks?

Please help.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Grade 11 marks only matter for early acceptance. They won't affect final acceptance at all.
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A photo of Paridhi Paridhi
Don't worry, grade 11 marks don't affect you at all unless it's a tie breaker or early admit. What program are you doing? that might affect if they look at your gr 11 marks or not.
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A photo of Trarod Trarod
I'm pretty sure no program would reject you unless you got below 70 in a course. And also, grade 12 marks matter much more than grade 11, so if you keep a good average, I don't think this will affect you.
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