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How is Life Science @ UTSC?

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I'm planning on doing a referral to apply for Life Science at U of T Scarborough.
I did do some research but I would like to know more about the school! :) Oh if I do happen to get into UTSC, I would live in rez cuz I live about 2 hrs away.

My questions:

1) How is the school atmosphere like? Is it actually like a high school as ppl say?
2) How is the program (life sci) like academically?
3) I was thinking of going into Optometry for graduate school. Would UTSC prepare me well for it?? (this is the most important question lol)
4) How is the area like in general? I saw the satellite view on google maps and it looked like the school was surrounded by houses?
5) Any other things I should know or want to know about UTSC?

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