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How is the atmosphere like at UTM?

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Got into social sciences..
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I've been there while visiting some friends..
It feels a lot like high school, not much happens
mainly commuters..

To sum it up: very drab
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@Yolo30 wrote
Got into social sciences..

Hi There,
I go to the St. George campus but I live closer to UTM and Im there all the time studying at the library and working out in the gym. The campus is a lot smaller than the downtown campus which might be something you would enjoy if you like a smaller community. Whats great about the campus is that its surrounded by nature, I was studying at the library once and I saw a pack of four deers come right up to the window! It was really cool :) The gym is really amazing, its like a commercial gym and its free for you to use during the year as long as you have a t-card! The library has lots of rooms available that you can book in advance online so that youre guaranteed a place to study which is a really cool feature. I really suggest booking a campus tour so that you can experience the atmostphere for youself! If you are considering residence then I HIGHLY recommend visiting the residences to make sure that they are a good fit for you :).
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