yconic - how is the chesnut residence at u of t?
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how is the chesnut residence at u of t?

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The Chestnut Residence is probably one of the best UofT has to offer but it has some downsides like everything else.

If you're a first year student, you'll be sharing your room with a room mate. I stayed with a friend from high school so this wasn't a downside for me but if you want to live in a room by yourself, you're probably out of luck at Chestnut in first year. All the upper years have their own rooms though.

By being at Chestnut, you have access to your own bathroom with a full shower and bath instead of the usual shared bathroom. This was a definite plus for me because of the convenience. If you bring a TV, you can also get free cable television. One thing about the beds, as far as I know all dorm beds on campus are single beds, the ones at Chestnut are double or bigger so you get a little more bed space. Probably the best thing about the residence is that the cafeteria is almost always open during the day so you can get food whenever you want. If I remember right, it closes at 10pm and opens at 7am. Hot meals are only served during specific meal times though but if you want a sandwich, some fruit, milk etc, you can get it whenever you want.

Basically, if you're living at Chestnut, you're living in a hotel for a year! That's not to say that the residence doesn't have any downsides though.

The res is off campus so you have to walk anywhere from 20-30minutes to get to the furthest parts of campus. This might be a bad thing but the building is right behind city hall and you're more integrated into Toronto with the Eaton Centre so close and Queen street only a brief walk away. Some people have said that its hard to socialize at Chestnut but I met lots of people who were great to hang out with and still managed to meet lots of people on campus through my classes. There are lots of engineers who live there and international students so if you're either, then you'll find lots of people to connect with.

All in all, I think comfort wise it's probably the best residence to live in.
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@civilengineer wrote

Hi there,

Chesnut is a great residence, as you probably know chesnut residence used to be a hotel and has been converted into a residence. It’s a really great housing opting and is a 5 minute walk from queens park subway. I know a lot of people who spent their first year in chesnut residence and loved it, they made a lot of lasting friendships and had a blast. The only sure fire way to know if you will enjoy living at chesnut residence is to go on a campus tour and check it out for yourself! I’m positive you will be impressed.


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