yconic - how is the chesnut residence at u of t?
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how is the chesnut residence at u of t?

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It's far. Dunno what the culture is like. Seems like there are a lot of parties if you know where to look. Supposedly there are a lot of international students. Best food/rooms on campus though.
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The Chestnut Residence is unfortunately a little quieter as a community. That being said, it is much more international, so it has a very diverse flair to it, and if you make the effort to attend events organized by Chestnut's resident dons and other leaders, you will have a great time there.

It hands down has the best food of any U of T residence - I believe they kept the Executive Chef of the hotel when they purchased it a few years back. It also has very nice rooms (it was a hotel after all - so all rooms have their own washrooms). That being said, it is a little far from campus, so you will have to factor in the aspect of needing to walk around 15-20 minutes to campus, or purchasing a TTC Metropass.
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