yconic - How is Waterloo's Science and Business program? (possible careers out of it?)
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How is Waterloo's Science and Business program? (possible careers out of it?)

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I'm interested in both science and business, and it seems like Waterloo has a good program for both.

If anyone's in it/knows anyone in it, could you let me know if it's good, and what possible careers you could get?

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I know people in it, but frankly I don't think it's that great of a program. It doesn't have as much science content as other science-degrees, and there isn't enough business content to get you very far in that field. They take a bunch of semi-useless business courses as electives basically. The co-op jobs and post-grad jobs aren't that great. I'm not sure if you can pursue graduate studies in science with this degree, but I would hope so. I'm just not sure where all those science courses take you in this program. I can't tell you too much about the science field, but I would think a science degree and some sort of graduate degree in something science-related and/or and MBA would be better. What's the point of doing all those chem labs over the years to get a job as a Business Analyst?

It's not all bad, and I'm sure if you're motivated you can find great employment, but I'm not convinced it's the best option.

Co-op jobs:
BlackBerry Academic Program Specialist Research In Motion Limited
Marketing Support Specialist hereiammobile Inc
Corporate Security Data Analyst Research In Motion Limited
Book Cost Administrator RBC Financial Group
Community Manager University of Waterloo
Environmental Data Coordinator Environment Canada
Project Co-ordinator Shoppers Drug Mart
Project Coordinator, Canadian IS Manulife Financial

Recent Grads:
Senior Evaluator Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Assistant Brand Manager Procter & Gamble Inc.
SR & ED Account Specialist OME Group Consultants Inc.
Treasury Analyst Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan
Handheld Mgmt. and Tracking Specialist Research In Motion Limited
Teacher Halton District School Board
Associate, Equity Research Fraser MacKenzie Limited
Business Analyst Research In Motion Limited
LAN Analyst BMO Bank of Montreal
Business Analyst Ontario Energy Savings Corporation
Analyst TD Securities Inc.
Process Analyst Rogers Telecom Inc.
Software Coordinator Research In Motion Limited
Operations Leadership Designate Frito Lay Canada Limited
Business Analyst Hewitt Associates
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