yconic - How likely will I get into UTSG if my admission has been deffered?
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How likely will I get into UTSG if my admission has been deffered?

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So I'm stressing out here. UTSG is my first choice school, and I applied for social sciences. My average is 85% for UofT , and I know people with lower averages that have gotten accepted. However, my application has been deferred until late May. I know the reason for this is that my English 12 mark was only 73%, and when I called to talk to an admission officer about two months ago, she told me that UofT does look at English by it self, and that 73 is much too low for the St. George campus.

I've already gotten accepted to UBC, SFU, UTM, and Queen's.. but I want to go to UTSG!

How likely is it that they will actually accept me? Any way to .. convince them to let me in? Thanks! T__T

I'm from BC, btw.. I don't know if that matters..
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I know for a fact that as for 105 applicants, U of T will only consider your application based on how you rank your choices. Also, once you get an admission in one of your choices at any of the U of T campuses then your other applications will not be considered "unless" you reject their offer of admission(This is from what I've been told, you probably will want to double check on this). I don't know about alternative offers but this is what I'm told by the admission staff from U of T and I'm not sure if it will still be the case for alternative offers.
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