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How long did it take you to write your sup essays?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hey guys, it's taking me almost a whole day just to write one...a good one, and I'm only done 5/8 essays.
How about you?
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A photo of Haru Haru
depends on the question and length of answers, but generally they do take a long time, at least for me. I usually can't sit still and just finish writing one, it takes a couple days or weeks. i like to write it and forget it and come back in a couple of days with a fresh mind and start editing. it helps a lot. although the whole process might extend over a long length time, the results are rather impressive.
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A photo of julz julz
for me it took a whole long weekend to finish my one. It takes to long and if you apply for more than one University u have to write for every single one a different letter
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A photo of Socialism Socialism
I've had to write around 8 or so, and I've submitted them for all but Queen's so far (2 more need to be edited).

It took me a good month to get everything done. I'd usually finish an essay in one go, edit it and put it aside as complete. In a few days I'd start writing a new one, and repeat the process.
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