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How many courses should I take in first year university?

A photo of whatsthat whatsthat
I&#39;m going into UBC arts and I dunno how many courses would be good to take as I am not used to the system <br>I don&#39;t want to take too much that I will end up stressed and fail one of them but I don&#39;t want to take too little that I will have a hard time catching up later on. :S
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Ten 3 credit courses (five per term) is what they expect most Arts students to take. I took nine in first year (I had some transfer credit from high school), so I took 5 in first term, 4 in second term and felt I had easily enough time to do everything. Remember, you need 120 credits to graduate, so four years of 30 credits is the perfect amount.

Edit. I may be wrong about this, but I hear they may also cap the amount of credits you can take each year at UBC to 30. If you want to take more, I think you have to request it.
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Uh, take 100% of whatever a full course load is for you...
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Take a normal full courseload. Usually it's 10 courses/year (5 courses/sem).
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