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How many electives do engineers have

I really don't care which engineering program, just in general, how many electives do they have?
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Well there's kinda 2 types of electives.

Engineering electives (or technical electives) are mostly upper year classes that are engineering specific. There's probably like 6-8 choices for that.

There aren't many non engineering electives. Depending on the program you might be looking at 3-5.
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For TEs can you take things like microbiology, organic chem, pysch, etc, or are TEs reserved for engineering specific courses?
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TEs are almost always in engineering
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Hi Veronica, I'm not OP but I can't figure out a way to PM you so yeah lol

I was wondering if you have ever like failed all/most midterms in Engineering at Waterloo?

Reason asking is because I'm currently 1A Stream 8 ECE and have 5 midterms this week(had 1 today) and honestly I feel like I'm going to fail all the midterms hard, like 30-40 each.. Idk why but my work ethic in High school has not transferred over to university, and I've wasted so much time, and days , not doing anything. 

I'm hoping not to drop out or anything because otherwise I'd have to wait a year and not be able to do co-op...

Anyways, have you ever like tanked all the midterms and end up passing the term, or heard of stories like that and what they did to pick themselves up after the midterm? 

Thank you!

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Hey fam I can relate. Although I haven't failed all of my midterms, I have failed 1 (and like 4 tests from different classes) while in engineering. And yet here I am in 2A, with no failed courses, better profs, better courses, a better coop already lined up and a much more positive outlook.

It honestly sucks when you know you did crap, so I tried my best not let it get time. Instead I spent the next month before exams going over the content and studying with friends. 

Don't beat yourself up over it. You still have the rest of this week to turn it around. ECE is known for being pretty intense in 1A and in the past some class averages have been below 50. They curve quite nicely in some cases so don't put too much stress on yourself. Chances are other people did terribly too.

Things for me turned around after coop when I had no homework or exams for a whole 4 months. Hopefully things go better for you too.
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Thanks for the fast reply!

Yeah I’m really looking forward to coop in the summer. 

How ever I’m just worried that my average won’t allow me to advance to 1B. I feel like I’m going to fail a course or 2 but as long as I have about a 60 average I can get conditionally promoted and clear the courses later.

I don’t think I can turn things around this week because I got a midterm lined up every single day and tbh, I reallg didn’t prepare well :/ 

Also have you ever had luck getting more weight from your midterms shifted towards your final exam? If so, did you talk to the prof after the midterm and just ask?

Jw, how long before midterms and like how many weeks before finals do you start studying? And how do you study for like so many courses at once, like 2 hours per day per subject type or day by day?

From what I’ve heard it’s only physics that curves because the average is almost always below 50 lol...

And wow you’re only 2A! Based on The amount of info you know I thought you were like at least 3A! People at this school are too smart for me to compete with lol :/. Thanks a lot!

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Failing a midterm does not mean you’re screwed for the entire class. In many cases the exam is worth way more, and if you really prepare for it, it can balance out the midterm. Plus still put effort in those small assignments since every last percent counts! 

I would also suggest talking to your academic advisor after this week if you’re really stressed out. They’ve helped hundreds of students in the same spot with getting a study plan down and planning for future courses.

You can try to shift weight to the final. I’ve done that twice so far and in both cases I really prepared for the final to compensate for that. This does depend on the prof and the circumstances around the midterm, so it’s not guaranteed but it’s always good to talk to the prof after to show you’re actually invested in your education.

Studying wise, I start about a week before midterms, but BMEs don’t have hellweek. Instead our exams are all over the place and we still balance classes and assignments. So, I’m not sure if this strategy works when you have 6 in one week :/

And yea I’m just a second year :P. I know lots about admission but I’m just a fairly typical student outside of yconic.

Best of luck this week! Stay positive and try to stay healthy
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Okay, thanks a lot for the information and pointers! I'll try my best after midterm and see what happens, good luck to you as well!
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Engineers are too preoccupied with splitting atoms inside a lab. You think they have time to spend reading Shakespeare or dabbling in political theory?
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And yet they should. A well rounded education should be the goal even in technical fields. The lack of space for free electives is one of the things that is turning me off studying engineering and has me leaning towards a B.Sc. instead. I want to be able to also take history, philosophy, & music courses. Engineering degrees unfortunately don't leave much room for that.
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