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How math heavy is Laurier BBA?

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I know you have a choice of which math to take but they all sound like calculus? If there an advanced functions/stats/data type math I can take first year instead?
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You got your information from here right?

I think advance functions and calculus used to be a single course because multiple math teachers told me that and I own old textbooks containing both concepts. Most of their concepts are related as well. 

Suck it up. No other option other than to quit. 
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Hey there!
Math is a concern for lots of first year students (myself included during my first year, I'm not a math person at all). Laurier knows this is a common issue and provides a ton of support. We have a math assistance centre that has drop in hours during the week, and it's made up of tutors ready to answer all your questions. It's a totally free service for students, and you can spend as much time there as you want. They also do mock math exams, which a lot of people find really helpful! Professors at Laurier are also really personable and hold drop in office hours every week, so you'll be able to ask them for support and they'll be happy to help you. Math courses in university also usually have a tutorial component where you'll meet in a smaller group and do exercises. As long as you're willing to put the work in, you'll be totally fine. BBA is an amazing program, don't let math turn you away from it!
As you mentioned, there are some choices for courses, so choose based on your strengths. Once you accept your offer, I recommend making an appointment with an academic advisor at Laurier to help you figure it all out. If you choose and need to make a switch in the first couple weeks, that's a possibility too. Don't worry too much!

Hope this helps :)
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Thank you so much- you have no idea how much this helped and it really made me feel better about myself and the program :)
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