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how much do you expect to pay on entrance?

A photo of Jesseyeahh Jesseyeahh
I'm interested in seeing how much tuition you are expecting to pay independently upon entrance -without OSAP, bursaries, scholarships, etc. I get that this might be "too personal" of a question or something, so just give a rough number. I should have about 3 grand by the time september rolls around.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
It depends which university and which program.
The university where I'm going, I'm expecting to pay at least 6k without any assistance.. that's just tuition, though..
Have to pay for residence and transportation over to the school.
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A photo of zohra.zaidan zohra.zaidan
Well, if I don't get any scholarships, or entrance awards, etc, etc. I would be paying roughly 7000-8000 from my pocket. However, the university I applied to offers plenty of great scholarships, and awards, and so I think I will end up paying a little more than half of my estimate? If not less?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I haven't paid anything out of pocket for tuition; it's all been covered by OSAP. Only thing I've paid for myself is books, but the army reimburses that money to me.
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