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How much does law school cost for tuition?

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I havent decided whether or not I am going to pursue law school because I hear that it is very expensive and I dont want to go into lots of debt. How much is the cost for law school on average?
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Google search?...

Between $10,000 and $25,000 per year, plus books. See http://www.oxfordseminars.ca/LSAT/lsat_profiles.php
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Cheapest is about $9,000, most expensive is about $23,000. Depends on where you're looking at practicing... that $9,000 quote comes from the U of S law school (which I think is still the cheapest in the country); the $23,000 comes from U of T. There's not a huge difference in the quality between the two, though obviously the U of T is a more prestigious school. What I'm getting at here is that you shouldn't be put off by the astronomical U of T tuition: it's not like nobody's going to hire a grad from any other law school in the country. You'd be fine going to any of them, start looking to ones you can get into and afford. And are in places where you'd want to work, as it's easiest to find articling positions in the region of your law school, rather than having to undertake a solo search across the country.
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