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how much I don't want a room mate.

A photo of Jesseyeahh Jesseyeahh
What are the odds of being paired with a double room? Like, give me fraction.

Is there some sort of way of helping your chances of getting a single? Can I offer some sort of reason on my application to help this? This is for UVic, by the way.
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A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
I think most universities give single rooms to the other years (Not first years). Or at least that's what it is for UBC.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
There's really not a lot you can do. If you fill out the profile to make yourself sound obnoxious, you'll just get put with someone who's completely unbearable.
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A photo of mmcallis mmcallis
depending on the school you go, Carleton has alot of doubles but you can get a suitstyle room where everyone gets their own room but you dont miss out on the social aspect of res.
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A photo of manna manna
What? I thought you chose, since you pay more for a single :[ This sucks.
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A photo of oxokatieoxo oxokatieoxo
The upper year students get first pick; but if there are any single rooms left over, you can have one :) I lucked out with a single room my first year! A LOT of students drop out after christmas, so you can might end up with your own room anyway if your lucky. You could always apply to be room mates with an exchange student. They don't stay for the whole year, so you'll have to share your room for half the year, but get it all to yourself the rest of it!
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A photo of karapalmer karapalmer
Upper years do get first choice at single rooms, but you could still end up getting a single too. It usually depends on how early you apply for residence and if the residences that you apply for have a lot of single rooms left over. There is a room freeze for the first couple weeks of the semester, but after that if you are unhappy with the room you have you can apply to make a switch as well.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
It depends on the university, but most that I know, it goes by lottery if you want a single room..
Most first years are paired with someone just because it IS your first year and it's easier having someone there you know since you will know virtually no one.
But if you put in a request for a single room, it goes into a big lottery and you just cross your fingers and hope you get a single!
I don't know if it works that way for all universities, most, I'm guessing.
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A photo of xoxokat xoxokat
Think positive! You might get an awesome roomate....it is possible....
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