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How much is 1 year of residence?

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Roughly.. if there is no meal plan or anything. Is it cheaper to live on res or get a 500-600$ apartment?
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A lot of residences have a mandatory meal plan. My year on rez (suite style, with the lightest meal plan possible) cost $8500.
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My expenses right now are $1500 a month, of that $150-170 is savings. I spend $500 on rent, $50 on cable, $320 on food, $104 on transit, $125 entertainment, $60 clothes, $100 other personal items and $50 cell phone. I think residence typically costs $1000+ per month. So I spend about $970/month (rent, cable, food and transit) whereas res would be about $1000/month for those things. Not a huge difference, but I can guarantee you I eat a lot better than you would in most residences (many have notoriously bad food).
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