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How to appeal your final grade?

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I've missed a final exam due to health emergency reason. My prof gave me a passing grade.
I am highly disappointed.

I've contacted my prof over the phone and described my situation but he only replied, "Too late. Ive already submitted your final grade"

What should be my next step?

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Go to your Dean, and be able to show proof (eg. hospital bracelet, dr's note etc). You should've been able to defer your exam to next semester.
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Do you have documentation to show that you had a health emergency? I know at my undergrad, if you missed a final exam for a legitimate reason you could write a deferred exam, however you had to apply within 2 working days of the missed exam or whenever you were able (i.e. if you were too sick to do it within 2 days they gave you some leeway). You would then write a different final exam in January. I am certain UBC would have a similar policy.
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"a passing grade"... do you mean failing? and yeah, contact your university. there are ways to petition to defer your exam, but there are time limits and documentation is needed!
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hopefully some of this is of help!
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