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How to apply for a minor program? - HELP

A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
Ok, so please do not judge me because I am a noob...BUT:

-How do I apply for a minor?
-Do I sign up somewhere?
-Do I apply AFTER I accept an offer, or was I supposed to specify when I first applied on OUAC?

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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You can declare a minor when you declare your major (typically at the end of 1st year). And you just do it through your student account (same way you sign up for courses). The procedure might differ from school to school though.
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A photo of Damo Damo
you do not apply for a minor, major or specialist during admission at all.
no matter where you are comgin from you start with admission only.
Everything else is done AFTER you accept offer of admission. if you just finished highschool thats about it. you dont apply for any subject pOSTS (pOSTS= specialist, major or minor) before second year.

however if you are transfereing from another university or if youve done AP courses or IGCSE or anything along these lines that is supposed to be equivilant to university credits, you apply for credits transfer.

if your transfered credits reach 4 credits or more then you HAVE to apply for a pOST and it has nothing to do with OUAC. its all through your uoft account which does not exist if you are not admitted yet.

so, admission should be your only focus right now. you cannot do anything before it. accept on OUAC or however you applied then start working on other issues.

everything happens in a pretty logical order but a word of advise make sure you keep track of (and understand) any deadlines shoved your way. uoft loves deadlines, everything has deadlines. the deadlines have deadlines which can have deadlines depending on which category you fall under.

good luck :cheers:
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A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
Thank you SOOO MUCH! I was pretty worried, but that makes me feel better. Thanks y'all :)

Another Question: I am majoring in Political Science and I want to do a minor in Economics. Does that mean that I have to have the pre-requisites for BOTH major and minor in the first year? or just the major?
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A photo of Damo Damo
if you have anymore questions after this post plz let me know if you just finished highschool or if you are transfering from another place or what :D because everythin is different for everyone.

if you are admitted with 4 or more credits transfered then you have to pick a post.
if not you cannot and the following will be mostly useless except the part about doing first year course prerequisites in first year :D

for prerequisites in general they will never ever say 'you have to do this in your first year'. you can do them whenever you want but ofcourse you cannot apply for posts unless you have the prerequisites. So if you decide to put off one of the first year course prerequisites and finally decide to do it your tenth year (exaggerating just to make a point :D ) you can only apply to that specific post for the eleventh year.

but keep in mind that you have to apply for posts right after first year. uoft doesnt allow you to start second year without having a post. you dont wanna be forced to apply for something you dont like because its the only thing you met its prerequisites. HOWEVER, ive heard of someone having an 'undeclared major' before and i am not sure what that means exactly, maybe its for some special circumstances or something. you can check with your college registrar just to make sure.

now posts are not 100% flexible.
when you are required to apply for posts you have to have one of these combinations:
- one specialist;
- two majors ;
- one major and two minors

ofcourse you are allowed to add more to whatever combination you pick.
for example if you decide to do two majors u satisfied the minimum requirement and if you would like to you can add anything you want major minor whatever.

but dont worry too much about knowing what you want now. now is way too early. believe me there is aloooot yet to be discovered.

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A photo of ghana1994 ghana1994
Even I wanna know about the minor thing.
I'm going to McGill. My course will give me 66 credits from 2nd-4th year. And I think I will get 30 credits from 1st year. What about my remaining credits? Will I need to take a minor to get them, or is there some other way?
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A photo of Damo Damo
hey ghana
i actualy have no idea how other schools do it.
only uoft UTSG

hope someone else sees this

good luck :cheers:
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