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How to Calculate GPA

A photo of munrobr munrobr
Here's an example ripped straight from Sheridan's website.

GPA = Total Weighted Credit Value ÷ Total Credit Value
Based on example above: 48.0 ÷ 18.0 = 2.6 GPA

Let's say each regular course is worth 3 credits, 1 course is worth 6 credits and I'm taking 5 courses:

Total Credit Value
4*3 = 12
1*6 = 6

Total Weighted Credit Value
course credit value * your grade
A-A+ = 4
B+ = 3.5
B = 3
C+ = 2.5
C = 2

Hypothetically we got straight A's; good for us...
works out to be 72

72 / 18 = 4 (GPA) ...4 being the highest.
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A photo of Exasecond Exasecond
Thanks, I've been trying to figure out how to do that
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A photo of Kevin Ianson Kevin Ianson
How do you do the conversion between like the BC system where it is out of 4.0 and Ontario where it is out of 10.0?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Nope, it's out of 4.0 for most Ontario schools. http://careers.mcmaster.ca/students/education-planning/virtual-resources/gpa-conversion-chart
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