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How to Calculate Grade 11 Average

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This may be a dumb question, but how do I calculate my grade 11 average (to get an idea where I stand for possibility of early acceptance)? Is it top 6, or every course taken? I also have some Gr. 12 courses finished (Physics, Chemistry, Adv. Functions, Bio), so would I just count those 4 plus my 2 highest grade 11 marks not counting the Grade 11 courses of those 4?..

Haha, sorry, just wondering. Thanks in advance

*I just realized I probably should have put this in a different forum, oops
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I see your applying to Engineering, This is how you calc your grd 11 avg.

Grade 12 Phys
Grad 12 Chem
Grade 12 Funct.
Grade 11 Math
Grade 12 Bio
Grade 11 English

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