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How to get permission of a department to take a certain course?

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I'm going to UWO in the fall and am enrolled in a Social Science BA program. I would still want to take science courses such as Biology 1002A/B but in the course outlines it says that I need the permission of the Biology department. How do I go about getting the permission before I choose my schedule or do I get permission afterwards?
If I took all the science courses in grade 12, do I still need to get permission?
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Not sure how UWO works, but it's usually safer to obtain permission before, rather than after, you enroll in a course. Otherwise you risk getting kicked out of the course without warning. If you know the prof who's teaching the class(es) you want to take, e-mail him/her with your request. If not, I suggest contacting the undergraduate coordinator or someone in an equivalent position for further guidance.
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Typically it's a form you have to fill out, and sometimes they make you wait to give students in their department first dibs. Contact the department and ask, easy enough.
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