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How to go from Humber College to a Masters in Accounting.

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I am in college level programs for my high school right now and that has been the biggest mistake of my life. I know I can't get into university right away but my plan is this. (BTW I find myself very good at math even the complex material like Calculus and Advanced functions, when using my friends textbook for information, numbers are just easy for me)

1. General Arts and Science at Humber college for 1 year to a university transfer profile.

2. Apply to university for a Business major as a mature student. (Btw, how hard is it to go from a college like Humber or Seneca to a university like UfT or Ryerson?)

3. Hopefully if I did well in my major apply for a masters program in accounting.

P.S. I'm not too familiar with how college and university courses and degrees work but tell me anything I should know please.
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Stay back a year, take your prerequisite credits and go to university.

Going from Humber in Arts to MAcc is very unlikely.
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