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How to make a final comeback.

A photo of Gr12Student Gr12Student
Hi I'm currently in grade 12 and plan to graduate if possible.

Getting straight to topic my average is 77% for my top 5. I'm waiting to enroll in calculus nightschool. I'm from a non-semestered school therefore all my courses go till the end of June and I have a chance to pull them up.

I really want to get into waterloo's Honours Science prog or Life Science prog. From electronicinfo it says high 70's to get in to either program and I REALLY need to get into these programs. I checked uft, wester, guelph, and they all seem to be harder.

All i really want to do is get into a decent undergraduate program. Another concern is that i heard nightschooling a course Waterloo takes off a certain percent on one's overall average.

Would it be possible for me to take normal science in Waterloo, western, or Uft and then transfer in second year to life sciences. Does this mean that when I graduate my certificate will say Graduate of Life Sciences or something? Or does transfering mean I have already wasted a year.

Oh yeah I want to become a pharmacist after undergrad therefore I don't plan to go to uft since its to challenging or so i heard.

EDIT: Am i am idiot for thinking I could get into Waterloo with a 77?
Tbh I have been putting in only about 6 hours of work every week in school till January 2nd. Untill i started panicking right now I'm currenlty putting in 5+ hours into studying a day.

How can i avoid attending york or university of windsor?
Please give me some advice. Must appreciated.
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A photo of tashaajones tashaajones
I can't give you very much advice, but I'll try to give as much as I can.
The amount of studying you are doing every day seems like quite a lot for high school, but if it works for you and you do see an improvement in your marks, keep with it. If not, I recommend finding other methods of studying.
As for averages, the higher it is the better, but with a 77% now, that is farily good. Usually if you get 80% to 85% or higher (depending on the program and the University) you might be eligable for an entrance scholarship. As long as you or your school sends the University a transcript they can consider you for one.
You are not an idiot for thinking you can get in with 77%! 77% is still fairly good. Only the best of the best of Universities for specific programs (like the notorious Harvard for Law) are harder to get into even with very high marks.
Sorry I can't help with anything else, hopefully you find what you're looking for and that this was of some use to you!
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You're definitely not an idiot.
77% is pretty good, it's probably somewhere around the cut-off.
If you can raise that to the 80s range, you'd deff. be able to get into Waterloo!
I don't think Waterloo/U of T has a choice for "General Sciences," do they?
But regardless, it doesn't matter what program you pick for sciences, because everyone in their first year takes the same courses essentially, so it makes no difference whether you pick life, health, biological, biomed sciences.. It's after first year that really matters.
But some programs do have lower entrance admissions, so do look into that and take that into consideration!

+1 for wanting to become a pharmacist, that's what I'm hoping to do too!
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A photo of albrnsmith albrnsmith
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A photo of biosci biosci
Haha avoid attending University of Windsor + 1.

If you apply the Guelph, the cut off for Biological Sciences is 75% - 80% right now and obviously the higher the better but you have a very good chance of getting in. There are 600 people in my class right now. Also, when you apply you can fill out a student profile form telling them why your average is so low. You need an 85% average for an entrance scholarship. Your average is pretty good, I wouldn't worry and yes do not enroll at Windsor ;)
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A photo of Stratosfear Stratosfear
If you want to boost your average then you should've taken some easy courses as well. For me those are music and band, sure I'm a geek but in band most of your mark is just showing up and that makes it a real mark booster. And before you ask it counts as an 'M' course not an "O" course.
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A photo of FBerle625 FBerle625
Kso, i totally didn't know about the whole nightschool thing (and i'm doing nightschool).... yikes.

and i get your situation. My job and a bunch of family circumstances kept my average at a very scary mid 70's range. But let me tell you, it is NOT idiotic in the least. I'm in the same boat, and i'm scared too, you're not alone. here's the deal.

keep working hard, and take another peek at those prerequisite requirements on the UWO website or in those booklet thingies. Remember that cutoff percentage, and based on your final marks for sem 1, decide what you need to do to make 'loo's cutoff. if it means taking nightschool, do what you gotta do.

As for your program, wouldn't you be going to your BSc? i think you can transfer, talk to your guidance counsellor! but i hear about people transferring universities all the time.

don't panic, it's not the time for that. bring out those big guns and give it all you've got!

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