yconic - How to prepare for English Provincial exam?!? NEED HELP + TIPS! PLEASE!
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How to prepare for English Provincial exam?!? NEED HELP + TIPS! PLEASE!

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How to prepare for English 12 Provincial exam?!? NEED HELP + TIPS! PLEASE!

Here is a list of what I am doing right now:

- I go over English grammar
- I try to memorize at least 2 different quotes for each potential essay question
- I went over all provincial exams I found on the web. I do really good on M.C. questions but bomb literature paragraph and essays.

What else can I do???

I am really bad at writing ESSAYS ( I usually get 4/6 and very rarely 5/6)

I am from Europe and new to Canada and english is my worst subject.

Thank you SO MUCH!
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A photo of Mot345 Mot345
Don't just rely on my answer, but I don't see why you should need memorize quotes. I live in British Columbia so maybe it's different, but here we get an essay that we've never read before to write about. For writing the essays, just practice all the tricks that make a structured essay while keeping it interesting. A hook, figurative language, stuff like that. Good luck!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
you need to read. whether it's course texts, newspaper articles, or even books (although you may not have time for those), they will all be of help to you. skimming through course texts and reading key passages will also help you for the exam when you have to go beyond the surface meaning and analyze themes.

you only get better with writing english if you read. speaking is a different matter obviously.
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A photo of kenissetrotman123 kenissetrotman123
Provincial english exams really aren't anything you can study for. I suppose you just need to go over poetry terms but that's the only thing you really should study. Also, practice reading & answering questions if you have a hard time with the language itself & grammer. and as for essays you just need your 5 main paragraphs & if you follow that outline you should be fine. good luck!
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A photo of Zion Zion
A 4/6 really isn't that bad. But English is hard to study for, especially if you have your exam is so soon. I think you should read essays that get 6s and see what it is that yours are missing. It will be a lot easier to improve your mark if you know what you need to do.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You can't really study for it.
I just wrote mine recently, over the summer and I spent like.. 5 minutes LOL.
The stories and theme changes every year, so it's very hard to prepare.
The best thing you can probably do is go look at past examples of essays, read the 6's.. maybe the 4's or 5's.. and jot down some the style and techniques they use.. and integrate it into your own writing.
The MC is pretty tricky, at least I thought so.
Know all your literary terms and devices, a lot of those show up on the MC.
There's always one writing piece where you compare and contrast between 2 pieces you read, so make sure you're strong at those.
And the last piece of writing is always a narrative, so practice your narratives. :)
Other than that, not much you can prep for!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Just make sure you know your english terms and I think the best thing you can do is just READ READ READ... read anything! Personally, it helps a lot with my writing and of course, my reading too.
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A photo of norcorider norcorider
I'd say study all the literary devises. My teacher suggested that when you do the exam don't start at the beginning, but do the hardest essay first while your brain is still fresh. Don't stress about the multiple choice if you're not sure about them because they're only worth one mark. You can go back to the essay at the end if you have time, but if you're writing the essay at the end, you may not have time to finish it. She and another English teacher in our district said that doing this could result in your mark being 10-15 percent higher.
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A photo of moodeline moodeline
If you're from BC (and I would assume so as I think we're the only province still with the antiquated system of provincials) I would go to the Ministry of Education's website and do as many practice exams as possible! It's the only thing that will even help you. (And norcorider my teacher (whose classes over 3 years average 92% on provincials) said that the best way to write it is the way it is written as the short piece warms you up, the middle piece is the most important, and then the composition which isn't literary based is best to do apart from the other two) As well, there is 3 hours to write 750 words, which is ridiculously easy, even if you write slowly. You will definitely have enough time for all three.
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A photo of AlClo AlClo
If you have trouble with essays, try planning them out before you start writing. You have up to three hours to complete the exam, so set aside about ten minutes of planning time each for the poetry analysis, synthesis text essay, and the composition. You're given space for planning in the exam booklet. I always divide my essays into the introduction, two or three supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph. Jot down a main idea that you're writing about for the intro. Next, choose subtopics for the supporting paragraphs and pick out quotes from the text that back them up. The closing is basically a restatement of the introduction. That way once you start writing, you've already got a map to help you. Good luck!!! :)
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A photo of iLoveHouseMusic iLoveHouseMusic
Thanks all!

Tomorrow I have to write English Provincial Exam.
Anything below 75%+ is equivalent to death.

Wish me luck!
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A photo of moshkeri moshkeri
hey Im writing that test tomorrow! Our teacher is one of the judges so here's what he tells us:

Overview of how to write essays: FIRST OF ALL, YOU DONT HAVE TO AGREE WITH THE TOPIC FOR THE ORIGINAL COMPOSITION PIECE! JUDGES DONT LIKE READING THE SAME ESSAY OVER AND OVER, SO TRY TO "REBEL" AGAINST THEIR TOPIC SENTENCE, but make sure you are confident and can pull it off. On the Original composition be creative! oh and on the paragraph and the Synthesis questions think outside the box. If you are comparing don't just state the facts given to you. Try to analyze them and make sense out of it. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON!! especially for the synthesis...this is not about you, it is about the story you read. Also try to make sure that you use ; and : and " and [] correctly. ALWAYS USE PRESENT TENSE IN THE SYNTHESIS ESSAY!!! (ie: the character WALKS vs walked). Try to split your essay into 3 parts/point so you have 3 neat paragraphs. Keep sentence variety. Try not to go above 400 words.

Intro paragraph : First put the thesis statement. This sentence is just what you are going to be talking about, the point you will try to prove. try to be stylistically creative with this. You never get 2 shots at a first impression. Then just 2-3 more sentences on what you will talk about, etc

First Paragraph: Here just expand on your first point, or the first part of your analysis. Remember that this is a proper paragraph so thesis and concluding statements with supporting facts, quotes.

Second Par:same as first par but about the other parts of your essay
Third par: same as first par but about the other parts of your essay

Concluding: Yea just wrap up what you said. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PRESENT ANY NEW INFO AT THIS STAGE!! just tell them what you told them, but change the words up a little, so its not the same exact sentence repeated. Make a good last impression

Follow these and you should be good!

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A photo of caseylynn caseylynn
for me it's always been to read read read! studying over old exams help as well helps
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