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How to prepare myself for Waterloo Math

A photo of Voivode Voivode
I'm an American student, and I've already taken AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC, and AP Computer Science A. I really want to go to Waterloo, but I'm a junior (grade 11) right now, and I'll pretty much have no more math courses next year. Any recommendations on what I should do?
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
You sound pretty prepared. Even in a year, you won't really forget all those things.

If you're interested in the advanced math classes, you might want to pick up an introduction to analysis textbook or something to read in your spare time. If you're interested in CS, work on some personal projects, and perhaps try to find a job for some work experience doing dev.

Other than that, not really much advice I can offer. Learn a lot in your other courses, too!
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A photo of caveman caveman
If you really care that much, look for a cheap textbook as greygoose suggested, or go to a note-sharing site like notewagon.com and study off those. I wouldn't be too worried about not being prepared. Keep your marks up now, enjoy some free time, and be ready to study hard next year!
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A photo of rolledoats rolledoats
I would look into some contest problems, I'd imagine your background is fine but improving your problem-solving skills can never hurt.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
khacademy! Although I'd imagine with your background there's really nothing new there. Could still give it a try though.
You could try looking for university opencourseware websites and stuff too.
That's just from a random google search, there may or may not be better ones.
Also, contest questions and whatnot are great too.
Personally, if you feel like you're going to forget math next year, take up some tutoring to help your peers. Helping them do their math will help you revise your own :)
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A photo of Voivode Voivode
I mean, I guess I could do Khanacademy and study there. I'll probably use it to study differential equations and vector calculus (Which I plan to take at a community college). I also own (and cherish dearly as the best birthday present ever) a Spivak and I guess I could study out of that as well. So between the two, will this hopefully ensure I do well in Waterloo?
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
If you like the content of Spivak, you should take the advanced math courses at Waterloo. Screw CS, you're better than that ;)
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