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How to raise my average to and 85% in my 12th grade

A photo of BethanyScarff BethanyScarff
Right now my GPA is around a 1.8 which is not where I want it to be. I was wondering if anyone new how to raise it to a 3.0 which is an 85% by the end of the year. So if anyone one would know how much my average should be to achive this goal your help would be awesome!

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Well, I wasn't very good in school in my earlier years but my avg now is 90%. So what I do is PAY ATTENTION!! That means putting your cell phone in your locker, not passing notes in class, etc. If you pay attention you will know what is going on and won't have a hard time on tests, etc. Also ask teachers questions. They are getting paid for it! If you don't understand something, make sure you understand it before walking away from the teacher. Don't just smile and nod.

So the bottom line is to pay attention, ask questions, and do homework. Homework is not something I like to do but it definitely helps.

Good luck.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
Pretty much what enaverma has said. I started my year off badly in math because I wasn't doing the homework, using the assigned time, etc, and my grade suffered. I brought it together by asking questions when I was unsure, no matter how much I thought I was bugging the teacher (they actually don't mind!), using time in class for homework, and leaving a few days for studying before a test. It brought up my mark by like 10%.

Good luck!
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A photo of catharine94 catharine94
When I started high school I was naturally good at getting high grads my averages is around 82ish % I am looking for advice too, to boost my average but I just cant find time to do homework so would it be bad to just do well on the projects and tests? Is homework that important?
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A photo of journalFACE journalFACE
Guys, homework is definitely the most important thing. Do not skip it and do not waste any free time that you have!! You will see the difference it makes. In grade 12 especially you need to be on the ball all year long. You should be giving every piece of homework and every project/assignment you get your absolute best effort. You might not like it but, It'll get you somewhere. :cheers:
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A photo of krankd krankd
haha yeah like they said just put work in; pay attention in class and ask lots of questions.
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
Homework goes a lot further than you think.
Make sure you really understand the concepts instead of plugging/chugging formulas.

In high school, I'd usually leave all the homework to the day before the test.
Then, I would skip school that day, and do calculus homework (example) from probably 9 AM to 1 AM. The entire unit, all 6-7 chapters, in a single day. Maybe 200 problems. More if I could find them online. Then I made a cheat sheet from memory.
Then after I woke up, I was able to do it easy. Aced every test. Would recommend this method.
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