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How would you rank the tier 3 Business Programs in Ontario

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Alot of rankings for top businiss schools on the forum. Unfortunaltely, not all of us have the grades to get in. Perhaps a ranking of the 3rd tier programs would be helpful.
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
ok tier 3. Mac would be the first one, then Brock (CA accredited + co-op), then ryerson and guelph, i can't even think of others.

For you..go to Waterloo or Brock. don't even look at the others.
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A photo of erudite erudite
I'm just going to look at your signature since I don't know which unis are in tier 3.
Waterloo then Brock because of Co-op.
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A photo of caveman caveman
There are no actual tiers. People place them into tiers for two main reasons: 1) to feel good about themselves and pump the tires of the school they attend, and 2) to try and bring some organization to the madness.

If you're talking about schools that aren't really mentioned by anyone as "top" schools and don't require high entrance averages, such as three of the programs in your signature, there's really not a big difference between them. Look at the courses you'll be taking, talk to some current students, visit the campuses, compare costs, and then ask yourself, "what school do I feel most comfortable at, what school do I see myself going to for the next 4 years, and what school do I think I will be able to succeed the most at?"
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