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Hows the life at Western U? ( Socially and Academically)

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hows the social life there is it racially mixed and a friendly enviroment....is the courses there hard with lot of studying? is there any similarites between western and high school?
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Courses are definitely more difficult than high school - trust me, the stuff you did in high school that got you high 90's will only get you 80's here. Fortunately, everyone else has the same problem. So just do your homework, keep on track and you'll be find. I'm assuming everyone on Student Awards is pretty keen, so I honestly doubt you'll run into trouble.

Racially, it's very mixed. But it's never a problem (at least, I haven't personally encountered one - anyone wanting to correct me is welcome to do so). You do get a little bit of the stereotypical 'ethnic clique' just because of the way people tend to drift towards each other. However, 'race' is never a deciding factor when it comes to meeting people at UWO.

Hmm ... about Western being similar to high school, I'd say that in terms of school spirit we're very varsity-inclined. We like to have school pride when it comes to athletic events. In terms of 'Mean Girls'-esque drama, I haven't really encountered/witnessed any. I mean, there's 6000 frosh, if you get into a fight with one of them it really isn't a big deal. Whereas in high school, within your grade of, say, 300 people as soon as there's beef between two of you it's like the whole school starts to take sides.
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