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How's York like?

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I'm considering transferring to York University but I don't know much about it.
I'm going for their IT Degree : Bachelor of Administrative Studies Specialized Honours in Information Technology (BAS ITEC).
The only reason I'm going there is because ( from the courses descriptions & outlines I have read), I have found that York is the only or let say, one of rarest schools in Toronto that offer an easy IT degree. Plus, I already took 17 major courses from the ones listed in the program outline ( from Brock University).

The only thing im concerned about, is How MUCH GPA I NEED TO MAINTAIN IN ORDER TO STAY IN THE PROGRAM? Does anyone know?
At Brock, I needed 75% major and 65% non- major average ,, which FOR ME, I found a little bit hard to do. ( I took Computer Science courses though).

Apparently, Brock was not the right school for the program I’m looking for and it’s tough!

I also would like to know about the school reputation and international students society.
I’m a foreign student and I just want to know if York takes a good care of their Internationals.

Is York best for IT? What do you know about York in general?
Is anyone here studying at York? If so.. Please help by responding to my post.

Thanks in Advance!
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