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Okay, I am currently a Grade 12 student with a pretty decent GPA (something like 93%) and good EC's. Now the problem is that I want to go to Law School, and it seems that there are so many differing views of what path to take. I want to take PoliSci at Queen's, UofT, McGill, etc. but have been told that as Law Schools look for a 90% GPA from their applicants, it will be much harder to get into law school via Queen's polisci program. I was told that for instance, York Uni would be a better choice because it is easier and allows a quicker access to law school admittance. What are your thoughts on this? Is it possible to get a 90% in Queen's PoliSci program? And if I don't get in, what are my other options with a PoliSci degree occupation-wise?

I am really in a bind here and would appreciate any advice.
Thanks a lot.
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You don't need a 90% average to get into law school... I think the minimum is a 3.6 GPA, 3.7+ to be safe (roughly 80%+).
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You definitely don't need a 90% average. First of all, a 90% average is nearly impossible unless you're a genius. GPA of 3.7+ would be competitive, coupled with good LSAT score, great reference letter & personal statement, etc. That being said, you also don't need to study poli sci before attending law school. You can study anything you want in university & still get into law school.

Law school is becoming increasingly competitive & so you need to keep in mind that if you don't get into law school, you end up with a BA in poli sci from a non- top tier university.
Poli Sci is not an easy program (I studied IR/poli sci before entering Ivey), and very subjective in terms of marking (obviously). A 93% average in high school definitely doesn't automatically translate into 3.7+ GPA in university, regardless of what you decide to study.

In terms of careers (if you don't get into law school), if you're hoping for a poli sci-related job, you'll need to go to grad school & get a Master's. Otherwise, an undergrad poli sci degree is pretty general & you might get stuck with an entry-level government job (which btw, won't require you to use any poli sci knowledge you learned in uni).
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You don't need a 90 average. Take a program that interests you and go with it. React accordingly to how well you're doing.
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U of T Law is probably one of the toughest law schools to get into in Canada - their average GPA for last years entering class was an 84% / 3.8 (best 3 years), and LSAT of 165 (95th percentile)

Keep in mind most grad schools have a very holistic approach to acceptances, if you have a good resume and LSAT score, your GPA can be overlooked.

Politics at Queen's is hard, but it's possible to get mid 80's... but the average is usually set to a 65%, sometimes 68% depending on how intelligent the class is
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I heard Law School is more expensiv