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Human Resources: York? Ryerson? UofT? Help!

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So I really want to go into Human Resources and in terms of universities, I am very limited because my parents are making me go somewhere local. So the only three choices i have are UTSC, York, and Ryerson. I was just wondering what the business programs are like for these schools. Which one would be better for Human Resources?

With Ryerson, I love the location. Even though I am not a frequent visitor of the area, I can envision myself loving the area. And also, I feel like its the next best thing when it comes to going away to university (as sad as that sounds). But on the other hand, people say Ryerson is like highschool and if its on your resume, its not as good as having UofT or even York for that matter. Would Ryerson be a good choice? Or would UofT or York be better?

When I'm making this decision, I'm taking everything into consideration. So I'm not only looking at the quality of education, but its surrounding features. People say UTSC is kind of boring because there's not alot around it. Whereas Ryerson is downtown so obviously it'll be a little more fun.

I dont know, I'm very confused. I don't know what to choose. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated! :)
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