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i am scared! help me!

A photo of shomuzudaki shomuzudaki
I checked at ubc and these are the requirement for Pre-Pharmacy:
•English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
•Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-calculus 12 (minimum 67%)
•Two other approved Grade 12 courses including at least one Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geology 12, or Physics 12
•Chemistry 11 and Physics 11

I am currently in grade 11. i have physics 11 right now and i am getting a low mark -.- there is nothing i can do to raise my marks because the semester is about to end. this class gave me my first waking up call in my life. I have never tried before in any of my classes i had and i had high marks. should i retake this class during summer or next school ear??also should i take physics 12?

i had bio(bio 11, 12 and ap) which is a 1yr course in grade 10 and i did ok...i did good on bio 11. i didn't do the ap exam. i did the bio 12 prov exam but it made my mark lower (84%)i could get like 90+ if i tried. should i redo this class to get a higher mark?next school year or summer school?

for english i am also getting a low mark. that is also because i dont try and its not my first language. if i handed in stuff, studied i could have done better. i am going to ask my parents if they can find me an english tutor to help me for english 12.

i know that i would do a great job on chem 11 and pre-calc 11 for next semester. my friends told me it is easy and that i would do just fine. i love chem and math so i know I'll do fine. i also know that i would do good because i am going to actually try hard.i am also taking chem 12 and pre-calc 12 next year. my goal in these coarses is to have 90+.

I need your advices please because i dont know what to do. i feel scared that i would not be able to go to a good university. my goal is to go to ubc but sfu is fine too if i dont meet requirements. i have been living here in vancouver for 3 1/2 years.
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A photo of Ephemera Ephemera
Hi shomuzudaki!

I can totally understand the feeling of apprehension that you are currently experiencing because I too was in the same state of fear and worry last year in grade 11. In regards to Physics 11 - don't worry about it. I only got a 82% final mark for physics last year and it honestly won't affect your admission to UBC. However, if you truly feel that you don't have much aptitude for physics - DONT PURSUE PHYSICS 12. Although Physics 12 will somewhat prepare you for physics in university, it is NOT worth risking the chance of dropping your grade 12 average for a course you truly believe isn't your strength. Not taking physics 12 was the best decision i've ever made in my whole high school career. I now have a 94% average (Math 12, Calc 12, English 12, French 12, Bio 12, Chem 12). The time you would normally spend studying for physics can be used much more effectively in a course that you feel you can excel in. Especially given the fact that admission averages are steadily rising every year - just don't take the risk.

As per your English inquiries, you will really have to work hard on improving your English skills. English 12 is used in every university admission average calculation in the country so it would be a very good idea to get started on that right away. Also if you really believe that your mark can be significantly improved for Bio 12 then you should talk to your counselor about the prospect of completely removing the provincial mark from your final mark. This is due to the fact that the Bio 12 provincial exam has been nullified as of 2011. So since you will be applying in 2013, I am sure they can make some sort of accommodation by restoring your Bio 12 mark to it's pre-exam average. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to retake the course if you believe you can improve your mark.

I'm sure with some hard work and determination you will be able to succeed in grade 12 and get offered admission to UBC or SFU. Just don't feel disheartened by your current marks because a lot can be improved in the course of a year! If you have any other questions, please let me know! :)
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
If he does pursue Phys 12, he doesn't have to use it for his top 4 average. They don't look at your overall average, just your average for your top 4 courses.
I took all 3 sciences in grade 11 and 12, so I know the stress you're going through.
As long as you have a 90%+ with ALL the pre-reqs, you'll be good to go.
Is this the UBCO Pre-pharmacy program you're talking about, btw? Because the main campus in Vancovuer doesn't offer pre-pharm.. and UBCO's admission averages are lower that UBC Vancouver.
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