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I apologize.

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Dear Student Awards Users,

I am deeply ashamed of myself and truly sorry for the trouble and grief I caused. I began trolling these forums as a leisure activity for stress relief but soon got carried away. Following the notions of my admirable colleague and friend MYDARKHEALTHSCIFANTASY, I want to deliver a formal apology.

First of all, esin, my shame and regret for what I have said to you is too much for mere words to describe. You have worked tirelessly to meet your ambitions and I am regretful for your misfortunes. I find that the common phrase, “it’s not what university makes of you, but what you make of the university that matters,” is truly applicable here. You are unmistakably a bright and motivated individual and your passion for medicine protrudes brightly from your incredible essay answers. I dare say that it was so good that I couldn’t resist stealing a tiny piece of it for my own application. Honestly speaking, UofT has way more international reputation than Mac will ever have and it is probably the best place to obtain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of biology. I might also go there myself next year.

Secondly, I am sorry to the rest of the forum members for the various insults and slander I may have directed at you in past occasions. As I previously mentioned, I have used this forum, as well as others, as an outlet for my negativity so I can live a happier and healthier life outside the internet. Even though this is the truth, what I have said is still demeaning and disrespectful to other very real people with their own set of aspirations and stress factors, and for this I am truly sorry.

Thirdly, most of the trolling and garbage I have typed onto these pages in the past are obviously full of lies and slander. The sole purpose of my posts are comedy and satire, both for entertainment and to highlight a very real concern – the compromise of ethics, morals and compassion for success. I am sorry if anyone found them offense or distasteful but I am delighted to inform you that they never actually occurred. However, I have indeed sacrificed my bond with friends, teachers and loved ones to pursue this academic interest and I am truly saddened by my compromises.

Lastly, I DID indeed get into Heath Science (Honors) at MacMasters and I am so proud of my accomplishment. However, I am still debating whether I should commit to my dreams of becoming a medical practitioner or stick to my plans of earning an Engineering Science degree at UofT. To be honest, I am more of the math n’ physics sort of guy. I really want to do medicine but I am not yet ready to throw away my childhood ambitions of designing the next rocket, inventing the next computer or developing the next revolutionary form of sustainable alternate energy. No doubt I have big ambitions no matter what I choose. But what will that something be: medicine or physics science/engineering?

I am probably at the biggest crossroads of my life and have less than a month to make my life changing decision. I need you help and advice.

My deepest regrets and condolences,
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