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I applied for UWO sociology program

A photo of joeblow3 joeblow3
I am a 19 year old from Alberta and am almost finished upgrading(done diploma exams this month). My transcripts should be sent out to UWO sometime in the beginning of February with an expected average between 75 and 80 which i have recognized as a big problem considering that Westerns official minimum requirement is 80.

I am aware that even though i am below that minimum requirement it is possible to still get in if i have done extra curricular activities. And all i have so far on the list is football and a charity event. So i was wondering if it would make a difference if i crammed as much volunteer work into one month before my transcripts are sent out so i can add my activities onto my online application, if so what activities would look best on a application? And do they even check that you did these activities? Would it be worth it to lie and make up for it throughout the year?
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A photo of amcharanek amcharanek
Definitely don't lie about it, they check your contacts to see if you actually did it and if not, you're in big trouble. Cramming in volunteer activities would also be a really good idea especially if your marks are a little lower; UWO has a high emphasis on extra-curriculars and volunteer work. I'd go volunteer at some shelters, at church if you're religious, some charity organizations, and maybe some children's organization like big brothers and sisters. It's good to have a wide variety of volunteer activities on your application.

Hope this helps. . .
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A photo of Nicolee Nicolee
I agree with the previous comment- lying isn't a very good idea. It is possible to get a lot of volunteer work done though. I've volunteered at the local Mission near my house and it's a great way to help out in the community, have some fun, meet new people, and get some volunteer hours fast. It might also be a good idea to go to your town's hall and learn about possible volunteer activities. If you volunteered for either places you could probably also get reference letters, which is always good. Goodluck!
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