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I do not know how to take all of this in at once...

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but, from what I've looked into first year courses that will:
a) keep my options open for choosing a level II program
b) provide as many pre-reqs in first year for any health professional school

my first year time table will be as follows:
2 credits in Biology
2 credits in Chemistry
2 credits in Psychology
2 credits in Anatomy/Physiology
1 credit in Physics
1 credit in Calculus

What should I do to start preparing for a year like this?
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Nothing, enjoy your summer! You will learn everything you need to when the time comes. Calc, physics, bio, and chem at Mac are pretty much 80% review of grade 12 material and only 20% new stuff. Psychology is pretty easy, just keep up with the online modules and don't wait till the week before the midterm to watch 15 of them. Anat&phys can be overwhelming (just in terms of the volume of material) at first but it's really not so bad. Nothing that you would need to start prepping for way in advance.

The only course I ever took where I wish I had started preparing for beforehand was organic chem.
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