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I have a few problems/questions

A photo of MikeyBob MikeyBob
Alright so my marks are:
English 90
Philosophy 84
Adv Functions 80
Law 82

the semester im currently working on are international business, forensics, and writers craft. it should be fairly easy since I like my courses, there isnt a heavy work load and my teachers are nice.

so when i applied i applied to york twice and uoft once, york for english/criminology and uoft for english. However, I don't want to go into english anymore, and I want to change my uoft application to criminology, but I don't know if I can still do that this late in the game.. I have already gotten accepted to both my york choices, but have had nothing from uoft, is this normal? I thought I had a good average for english at uoft, even though i dont want it, im wondering why they didnt offer me admission.

tldr: can i get into the english program at uoft if i maintain my current average and then change over to criminology before the year starts? or would i have to wait until first year is over?

and how is york's criminology? I don't mind going there, its just my mom wants me to go to uoft really bad, and since shes paying for it I wouldnt mind going to uoft. it was actually the place i preferred to go beacuse i thought my marks would turn out considerably worse. thanks all.
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A photo of jschiralli jschiralli
i applied for york and u of t criminology as well. at u of t you don't start your program until second year, you only have to indicate a program on ouac to show them where your interests lie. at the end of your first year you can apply to the criminology, you don't have to change it on ouac but you still can if you want to. you should call u of t to double check though. :)
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