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I have this essay to write and I need help fast!

A photo of christinathompson christinathompson
the questions asked are What are your future schooling and career goals?
bcit or uvic, Forensic scientist
Crime scene investigator
What would you like to learn at the CSI Burnaby Summer Academy?
This is what they will teach- Identifying and packaging evidence from a crime scene, Looking for and identifying trace evidence, Analyzing DNA using basic lab techniques, Crime Scene Investigation, Trace Evidence Analysis, Forensic Anthropology, DNA Analysis, Forensic Video and Photography, and Forensic Knot Analysis.
Why should you be chosen for the CSI Burnaby Camp?
Love forensic science
what should I add? How do I make myself more interesting then others? :!: :dj:
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Your answers are a good starting point, but they're very broad.
Be more specific and use more details.
For example, the last question, WHY do you love forensic sciences?
Is there a personal reason as to why you love it so much? Put some experience stories in there, tear-jerkers are always good :)
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A photo of ang007 ang007
Be honest about why it would mean so much to you. What is it about forensics; are you naturally inquisitive, love solving mysteries, want to help victims of crime and their families...?
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A photo of sheslikethis sheslikethis
You have good starting points but try expanding them to full paragraphs of 3-5 sentences. Try adding some of the 5W's (who, what, where, why, when) and then how, in every answer. Then, for the last question, make your answer to explain why you are passionate about the school and how the school will make you successful in the program of your choice. Also add in why you love the program so much.

- sheslikethis. :cyclops:
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You have to be specific when it comes to essays. When it comes to essays, there are endless possibilities of what you can write. You have to go in-depth with your essay. Give examples why you wanted that career and what influenced your decision.
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A photo of Sylviakaz Sylviakaz
An old teacher of mine told me that when answering a question to go two why's deep. that means, answer the question, and then answer your response again. Answer why you love forensic science and then why that led you to love it :}
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