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I need help deciding Mixed Math, University Math or drop a Science

A photo of nicolas1284 nicolas1284
Hey, today is my final day to decide if i want to switch my schedule for grade 11 around.

I am finding academic Grade 10 math very difficult as i am getting like a 65, going into my exam, while in grade 9 academic i got an 85, maybe its the teacher idk.

Though, I don't feel like i want to give up on my maths. But i am also take 3 sciences...

I want to drop a science but i want to give up physics as i think chem and bio go together.

And i think that i shouldn't give up my math even if im struggling, as its better for the future classes?

What do you think, which science should i drop to get less stressed.
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A photo of ktel ktel
I am assuming you're interested in going to university? Many programs require at least one math as a prerequisite, so you are correct in thinking that you should keep going with math. Perhaps you could get a private tutor if that's possible.

As per what science you want to drop that depends. If you want to go into engineering, for example, you probably don't want to drop physics.
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A photo of g93 g93
Advanced Functions is a prerequisite for a lot of university programs, and calculus & vectors is for a fair number of programs (some are fine with Data Management and some don't care - engineering will though).

Physics is the one to drop - usually considered the toughest of the three from most of the people I have talked to (there is varying opinions of course) and since it is the most math-y of the 3 sciences, you might struggle with it if you 65 is a true indication of your math skills - bio requires more memorization and chem does too to a lesser extent.

I agree, a tutor could help a lot. Get one for Grade 11, and if you return to your 85 level (bad teacher in Grade 10, just not your year, w/e) then with the help of your tutor you will destroy Grade 11 math, and then maybe you could do without for Grade 12 unless you start struggling again.
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