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I need help w/ my grade 11 schedule!

A photo of mjcheer mjcheer
Okay, so I took math this semester and I'm failing. All my acquaintances are insisting I take functions 11 in night school next semester. I would also like to take american history via e-learning.

In day school, I will be taking BAF3M, ENG3U, SPH3U, and FSF4U. I was wondering, if with the two added courses, it'd be too heavy a workload. I generally do well in English and French but I really need advice. Thanks!
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A photo of jennycowley jennycowley
It depends what kind of program you want to go into once you graduate. If you arn't enjoying math (which Im guessing your not cause your failing) Maybe a more arts or humanities stream would benefit you. It all depends on your interests. I would suggest keeping your options open and taking a variety of courses (maths, sciences, social sciences, arts, buisness). Remember you can always switch courses around!
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