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I Need Motivation!!!!

A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13

My IB exams have already started, and my next one is on Tuesday. I have studied a lot, but I need to study a lot more, but recently, I have lost all of my motivation and mojo to study!

Can u give me some inspirational and motivational words? or maybe a website? or a link? or a video? or ANYTHING???

I need to get pumped about studying and getting those awesome marks!!! :bounce:
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A photo of Urnehpets Urnehpets
The way I keep myself motivated is to think about what happens IF I don't get into university. Think about the disappointment you will experience when the rejection email sitting in your inbox is read. Think about the disappointment of you parents, and most importantly think about that burger patty you'll be flipping for the rest of your life.

Maybe these words aren't motivational at all, but that's how I personally get motivated.

...maybe it also has something to do with being asian...

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A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
HAha I'm brown, so I feel your pain :P But I guess that is pretty good motivation...unfortunately :|
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