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I need opinions and advice please

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I applied to York University for Psychology Bsc and Waterloo for Biology. The cutoff for York is mid 70s to high 70s and for Waterloo high 70s to low 80s. Anyways my marks in first semester were: Chemistry-80 Function-70 Data- 73 but I only want to use my Chemistry mark in my top 6. I have 5 courses this semester: Biology, Calculus, English, Accounting and Functions(again). For this mid term to get a conditional offer what do I need to have, if i get an average of 75 with these 5 courses and chemistry do you think York would give me a conditional offer for Psychology? Im stressing alot about this, i know i should have stressed a long time ago but its really kicking in now. Also did anyone here apply to Bsc Psychology for York? :bounce:
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