yconic - I need some advice in choosing either McMaster or Western for Kinesiology.
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I need some advice in choosing either McMaster or Western for Kinesiology.

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I am having a tough time choosing between McMaster and Western for Kinesiology. I am doing the BSc degree and I have been accepted at both schools. I love both universities, I have been at both and I admire the campus and atmosphere.

I love close to McMaster, so I would want to do first-year residence, and then live the other 3 years at home. At Western, I would be doing first year residence and probably living off-campus for the remaining 3 years. I would like to know which school offers the better residence life. I know Western is notorious for their parties, and I have not heard so much from Mac in this aspect. I do want my time in residence to be a great experience, lots of parties, but I will do not want to let this affect my studies.

McMaster has offered me a $750 dollar scholarship, while Western has offered me a $1000 scholarship based on my grades.

I would not be doing varsity sports, but I am interested in getting involved with intermurals and sports in general, and I believe both universities have a lot to offer. The only thing about McMaster is that I would have to pay about $120 per school year to use the facilities, while I believe Western does not charge you.

And finally, I believe McMaster has a more science-based Kine program than Western. I do not know however, which is best. My plans for the future as of now are physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and teaching.

Also regarding finances, I hope to spend the least as possible for my undergraduate, and it seems like Western might be slightly more expensive, since I would be living in London for 4 years.

I tried to supply as much information as I could. I am not asking for you to make a decision for me, I only want some opinions on the two schools, and hoping for answers for some of my questions. This will make my choice a lot easier.

Thanks in advance.

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If finances are a concern, go to Mac.
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Both schools programs are pretty similar. I think western has more branches of what u can do if your not sure about what it is u want to do. It can depend on if you want to get out of the house and go somewhere new, living on your own and in Res, something many people choose to do, and can be a great way to meet new people and get the full university experience. If your getting a larger scholarship, and don't pay for gym use, the cost will go down a bit ;p both are great schools though, so you can't really go wrong with either.
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One things for sure, McMaster has one of the most well known and best Kine programs in Canada. I'd pick mac over western anyday.
Besides, its closer to you and cheaper. Only thing is that I've heard its tough because its heavily science based, but I'm sure you can handle that :P
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I heard that Western has actual sport courses which is pretty sweet and they use their best in ontario sport facilities for a lot of practical things in Kin courses
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