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I need some advice..

A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
I would appreciate it, if you looked over my info listed below, and let me know if i have a shot at the following programs, if I were to mantain similar standards in Grade 12:

Applying to: Queen's Life Science, Mcmaster Life Science, U of Ottawa Life Science/ Biomedical Science, Western Biomedical Science, U of T Life Science

Grade 11 Courses

Biology: 95
French: 95
Law: 92
Chemistry: 87
Physics: 85
English: 90
Spanish: 95
Math (Functions): 84

Grade 12 Courses

Advanced Functions: 63
Advanced Functions (repeated in summer school: 87 (as of right now, mark isn't final)

Extra Cirricular Activities

As of Grade 11;
-member of math club
-member of DECA
-member of amnesty international
-member of softball team
-member of field hockey team

-hope to be an executive of a club in grade 12

Before Grade 11;
-member of amnesty international
-member of french club
-cross country team
-member of photography club
-field hockey

no shot at early acceptance, right?

what about that repeated advanced functions (note: it is a pre-req) course? How do you think a repeat will affect my chances?

what are my chances of getting into those schools?

thanks for your help!!

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A photo of Xizeta Xizeta
It is hard to determine really where you stand. Your grades are fairly good. However, the repeat on the advanced functions will be frowned upon by some schools. Particularily, University of Toronto and Queens.

I think it would also be worth mentioning that 4U Chemisty and 4U Physics are MUCH more challenging than then 3U level course. You will need to work hard to keep the the same type of grade range.

Find some easy filler courses to boost up your average. Drop one of the sciences to lighten your load.

But I think you should be fine, in that you will get into some of those programs (maybe all!)
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