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i need some urgent help/advice. Please!

A photo of unibound2 unibound2
So this is my situation-

I have completed my 1st year at University of Waterloo engineering(two academic term, and one co-op term), and at this point in my life, unfortunately, I am more confused about my life than ever.

1. After completely first year, I realized that although I dont mind engineering, I am not very passionate about it either. I figured out that if given an opportunity I'd rather do something more theoretical like physics major or something, but at the same time I realize engineering is better option financially.

2. However, the bigger concern is that more often than not, I feel quite lonely and depressed here. I also do not like co-op program very much. I think working while majority of students are studying seems a bit weird and quite awkward to me. Take my current co-op term for example, I am starting my work term this fall when everyone is going back to school. I am currently working at software development firm this term and I absolutely HATE the job and hating every second of it. All I do is go to work, sit on computer for 8 hours, go home and then repeat the process again. I mean whole day or sometimes whole week goes by when I dont have a single person to talk too. All this is making me quite depressed and frustrated, and it seems like I am wasting my life.

Therefore, considering the above mentioned points, I have been casually thinking of transferring to U of T. I dont why i am thinking of it, I dont even know if that is the right way to deal with my issues, or even if its a viable option, but regardless its a thought that is lingering my mind.

as for my grades: I had high 60's in the first term and around mid 80's( near 85) in the second term, while my grade in the high school were around mid 90's.

So my question to you guys are: 1. What should I do in my situation? 2. Is transferring to U of T a sensible or viable option?

If you have any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to add.

sorry if it seems like i am whining a bit, but i desperately needed a different perspective.

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A photo of CollegeTransfer2013 CollegeTransfer2013
Yeah, I am in a bit of a similar situation. I couldn't even get into university when I finished school because I was home schooled... Now I am at Conestoga College for the next few years (just finished my first with co-op like you) before I can even get a chance at getting in.

It set me back a fair bit, and I was really feeling a bit down too the first year, but now I figured out where I want to go when I finish (which took the majority of my summer researching stuff online). Anyways, I am feeling a lot better about things now. I think the main point is that you just have to figure what you want to do. From there I think it would be a lot easier for you. I thought you could still do a lot with a physics degree anyways, but either way I would still say that you should go with what you want to do.

As for co-op, that stuff is really hit or miss. I did my first work term at the Department of National Defense in Ottawa, and that was only ok. But some of my friends who came with me got much better jobs in DND than I did. I think it is more or less just luck when it comes that (especially for first years from what I hear).
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A photo of sherrybloosm sherrybloosm
I feel the exact same way actually. Your second point applies to me perfectly.I'm more alone than I am with people, and whenever I am with people, I still end up feeling lonely. Or even when I'm having fun, something always goes wrong and I end up feeling like crap again. I thought I was the only one feeling this way. I'm sure things will get better for you. These things take time, I promise:)

I think you should stick with your program though, unless you absolutely cannot stand another minute of it and feel like you want to punch someone everytime you go to class or to co-op.

As for your marks, I'm sure a lot of people are in the same situation. Most of my frends at Western are getting 70s and 80s, when they used to get 90s in high school.The only midterm that I got over a 90 in is calculus, but that's a bird course so it doesn't really count. The rest are in the 80s, and one in the 70s. I guess you can't really use the same standards as you did in high school and that's okay.
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@hamsterpower7 wrote
I think that you should stay in Waterloo and change major to math and phsics as opposed to transferring to Toronto cuz I just read this thread
Stay away from Toronto

You could find a negative story about any university...
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It won't get any easier at U of T. Waterloo engineering is excellent. So are their math and physics programs. If coop is bothering you and affecting your social life, I would even advise you to finish the current coop term you're in and opt out of it. Coop is valuable work experience and you make money but if it affects you mentally, it's not worth it. You say you enjoy theoretical majors such as physics. Waterloo is still the best for that. Stay in Waterloo and complete your engineering degree and if you want do a physics minor to the side.
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